Brisbane’s Highest Standard of Commercial Window Cleaning

Exterior cleaning of each window is one of those maintenance tasks that can be a real hassle to schedule. Unlike general interior cleaning, it requires special equipment, training and attention to detail. It’s got to be done at a time where safe access can be provided without interrupting tenants, visitors and other stakeholders. At Top 1, we understand the maintenance scheduling challenges faced by property managers and owners. That’s why we make it as simple as possible for you to get the reliable service and impeccable results you deserve.

Depending on your maintenance schedule and commitments to tenants (if applicable), your windows may need cleaning as much as once per week or as little as once per quarter. Top 1 can provide a competitive quote that’s in line with your needs and budget.

Why we are different to other commercial and high rise window cleaners

At Top 1, we understand that not all service options are the same. Some are all-inclusive, some are built into other packages, and some just cover a quick once-over. We have developed two different levels of commercial window cleaning for our Brisbane based clients, to suit different needs. For example, some bodies corporate may require just the outside cleaned, as individual tenants take care of their own interiors. These packages and inclusions apply to both regular and high rise services, although prices are quoted individually.

Our range of commercial services

We offer two basic packages for our commercial clients:

In addition, we will happily tailor a solution to meet your individual requirements. We understand that every business does things differently and will work with you to devise a plan that suits your situation. Whether your building is heavily exposed to road grime or is close to the sea and experiences a build-up of sand and salt, we can provide weekly, monthly or bi-annually schedules that work for you and your budget.

We are licensed and fully insured

Our services include spotless glass panes, sills, screens, and tracks. Along with every competitively priced project, you and your project will receive the proper care and respect to ensure that we are providing the best standards our industry can provide. Our team are specially trained to take care of fine details, such as removing every last smudge mark from handles and frames. We're confident you won't need to search much further than Top 1 for all your needs!

Why you should enlist a commercial window cleaner

Regularly cleaning your building’s exterior glass will not only give your business a sparklingly clean image, it will also save you money. Mineral build-up on the outside of an office building can lead to permanent and irreversible damage to the windows. This in turn makes small, easily rectified issues into larger, far more costly problems in the long run.

By using our commercial cleaning expertise, whether your business has a single or multi-storey premises, or is even a towering high rise, you will ensure your company always looks its best. Throughout Brisbane, we are renowned as the cleaners you can trust for exceptional results every time. This dedication to quality has given us a reputation for customer satisfaction, with a long list of loyal clients who return to us time and time again for all their window cleaning requirements.

A note about high rise buildings

We are licensed and equipped to handle high rise window cleaning on buildings with a variety of different layouts, including apartment complexes, office buildings and more. With tickets for working at heights, as well as an extensive public liability insurance policy that covers working at heights, we’re ready for anything. We have been providing high rise services for years, so we know just what it takes to get the job done efficiently. Make your building shine again!

Get in touch with us today and enjoy crystal clear results

As consummate professionals, we stand by our results; we’re proud of transforming windows from grimy and dusty to sparklingly clear. Take a look at some of our work examples, including both low rise and high rise window cleaning in Brisbane and across the south east, to see what we could do for your property. To arrange a quote that’s tailored to your needs, call 0422 759 844 or contact us online.